San Diego BBQ

What can you really do on a trip to San Diego when your girlfriend is competing in a body building completion all weekend and you are left alone to your own devices?  There’s only one answer on a Weekend Foodie blog. So over the weekend, I accompanied my girlfriend to San Diego so she could…

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Not So Thai..

This quest for food started when I was looking for good sushi in the area.  No offense, but Im not willing to get my sushi at Walgreens.  Side note, if you don’t have the app “Around Me” for your iPhone, I would highly recommend it.  Anyway, I found a sushi place, which I will write about…

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Taste of Italy 2014 – Post Game

Things happen too quickly sometimes. You look forward to something for a while, and then its gone in a blink of an eye. That’s what the Taste of Italy was for me this year. Even though I spent about 3 hours at the event, I wanted more, but the length of the lines told me…

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Taste of Italy Menu

Taste of Italy 2014 Preview

It seems like all of the good things happen in the Fall: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Football, and food, and thats why it’s my favorite time of year. Something else I have looked forward to since moving to LA is the Taste of Italy, which benefits the IAMLA (Italian American Museum of LA).  It’s much more than…

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Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle

Medium Kicked My Ass..

I like spicy food, add some garlic, give me a little kick.  Not so spicy where a death waiver needed to be signed, like the time I was working on Man V Food as a PA and was watching Adam Richman eat ghost pepper wings.  His tear actually burned.  That’s not the spicy Im talking…

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