An East Coast Jewish Deli on the West Coast

In a mass market with a slew of ethnic fare, Wexler’s Deli takes classic straight forward Jewish sandwiches straight from New York, and gives them the LA treatment with newer hipster names such as the “Ocean Avenue” or “L.A. Bird,” and accompanied by new age sodas. Growing up NJ, I have had my share of Jewish food from the East coast, so this concept was nothing new to me, but I can see the appeal if you have been born and raised on the West Coast, it may seem like new. When I walked up to the counter and saw the Babka and Black and White cookie on the menu, I was immediately thinking Seinfeld. In case you don’t know what I am talking about:

After a recommendation from the girl at the register, I ordered the OG Pastrami, and being one to try a little bit of everything, I supplemented my meal with Slaw, Pickles, Potato Salad, and Chocolate Babka. The sandwich was very good, but a little dry, I will have to ask to add a little more mustard next time. But, given the choice again, I will steer clear of the pickles and slaw and go straight for the potato salad. The pickles, which I assume they jar there, were very tasty but needed some more time to linger. The slaw was really nothing special. The potato salad definitely packed more flavor in that little serving.

Prices for sandwiches are a little high for what you get, but then again, you are in the Grand Central Market, so you will be looking at higher prices. The line was pretty fast, I didn’t wait longer than 5 minutes in line and then about 5 minutes for my food.

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