Jitlada Thai Restaurant | Los Angeles, CA

When you are rocking with a group of 14, there is really not enough time to get in a proper review, so this will be a teaser until I can get get back and do this is proper Weekend Foodie fashion.

Jitlada is not just any Thai restaurant, it is THE Thai restaurant, demonstrated by the constantly packed house and many many regulars, and even had a couple star sightings. When we sat down at the table, we were greeted with bottles and bottle of some great beer. I love the time where I can enjoy great meals with a group of friends, and this was one of those times. Wave upon wave of food kept coming out, I didnt know where one meal ended and another began.. There was a great variety of flavors not only between dishes, but in every dish that we were served. And I dont think that any plate lasted more than 30 seconds on the table before it was empty let alone take the time to try to find out the name of anything we ate.

If you like your thai food spicy, sweet, savory, hell, if you like good thai food, this is the place to be in LA.

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