Mastro’s Steak House | Beverly Hills

Happy New Year to all! I am glad that everyone survived the most recent apocolypse and had a safe transition into the new year.

Last year, my friend and I decided that instead of presents, we would take each other out to dinner at the restaurants of our choosing. Apparently, due to the party demand and conflicting schedules, our dinner was moved into the new year, and what a way to start a new foodie year then by celebrating at Mastro’s Steak House in Beverly Hills.

For me, this is not a place I can frequent on a regular basis, with the $10+ glasses of wine, $40+ steaks, this is the type of place that I need to save for, but its well worth it. I had been to Beverly Hills several times and I must have passed this place every time, but once I found it, I wont forget it.

From the outside, just above the awning and sign, there is an elegant outdoor eating space, which is inviting in itself, so I was a little excited to see what was inside. When you walk in, you are walking straight into an intimate bar setting with a grand staircase leading to the second floor dining area and a curtain separating the first floor. Have you ever watched the episode of Bugs Bunny where he found a small tent in the middle of the desert but when he walked in, it was a palace, thats what I felt like walking into Mastro’s, it just kept going back, but still remained cozy.

Just as I pulled my glass of cabernet sauvignon from the downstairs bar, my friends arrived and we were promptly escorted to our table on the second floor, where we were seated next to the glass partition of the wine room. This doesn’t get any better, well, until I saw the menu.

Mastro’s knows what they are doing, and do it well. The appetizer section was filled with a variety of starters including beef carpaccio, ahi tuna, and bone marrow, (which I ordered). As with any good steak house, there was a no fuss steak section, just pick how hungry you were, and in addition to seafood, all of the sides were meant to share. My dinner… bone marrow starter, bone in prime rib medium rare, and lobster mashed potatoes, which was recommended to me. I would suggest to check out the menu >>here<<

Bone Marrow with salad

First off, the bone marrow is the best I have had since I have been in LA, it spread like butter over a slice of crusty bread and was seasoned to perfection. I was served about a 7-10″ bone which yielded about 5 slices of bread, but I wish there was more. THe steak and potatoes came out at the same time. There is nothing like seeing a single chop on a plate undisturbed from any distracting sides because you know that food was prepared to perfection. This was 22 ounces of pure love….

Bone in Rib Eye medium rare with a side of Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Medium rare never tasted so good! Well, that is until it was paired with lobster mashed potatoes. The bowl was filled about 3/4 of the way with garlic potatoes topped with a generous helping of claw meat. But the secret of this dish was the ring of oil that was leeching out of the meat. Without that ring of oil, this dish wouldnt be worth it, but it was just amazing. My day just got better at that point.

After a great meal like that, I was persuaded to try their signature warm butter cake. It was yellow cake prepared with caramelized sugar crust with a nice dollop of ice cream on top. As I started from the exterior, I wasn’t too impressed, but the soma lie advised me to dig right into the center. It was warm and buttery, but wasn’t as impressive as the rest of the meal. I think I will have to end the night with chocolate next time. And since Im a port lover, my friend and I shared 100 years of port, which was 1 ounce pours of 10, 20, 30, and 40 year old Taylor Fladgate. My new favorite is now 30 years.

All in all, im glad I went, it was a great experience and is one of those meals that I will remember for a while, until the next time I go :). But, it didnt come cheap. I think that my meal alone was on the $130 range, plus a bottle of Cakebread wine. My recommendation is to save your money to have the opportunity to try Mastro’s. You will not be disappointed, except if you are a vegetarian, then I dont think it would be worth it.

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