Spring Street Smoke House – DTLA

I finally got one of my friends out to Spring Street Smokehouse earlier this week. Since I had been here once before, I had been bragging that SSS was the place for BBQ downtown. Located between Union Station and Chinatown, this BBQ joint is just off the main drag of Ceasar Chavez, lying between Union Station and Chinatown. Like alot of storefronts downtown, its a small space that is packed wall to wall with tables with a small walking path to deliver the savory smoked meats people crave.

When I think of good BBQ, I imagine meat smoked slow enough that it falls off the bone when you try to pick it up off the plate, or so tender that it can be cut with the back of a knife. Unfortunately, today was not the case. We were presented with a plate of plasticy ribs, brisket, and links swimming in BBQ sauce with cuts so clean that I dont think the word tender crossed my mind. This was nothing like I remembered from the first time I was here, the meats were tough, and the links were dry, and the mac n cheese was rather plain. Hushpuppies are always a classic and are hard to mess up, barring a fire, so they were satisfying.

I had brought this to the attention of my friend who originally brought me here last year and he said that they were hit and miss and they have bad days on occasion. So at the moment, Spring Street Smokehouse is batting .500. I am not going to pass judgement just yet, and will chalk it up to one of those days, but I know that next time I go may be the time that makes or breaks it for me.

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